Podcast Happenings

Last night I finally got to sit down with my writer friend, Patrick Greene, author of THE CRIMSON CALLING, PROGENY, and THE HAUNTED HOLLOW CHRONICLES. I have been trying to get him on my podcast, for a few months now. Even after all this time, it almost didn’t happen! We were having a tough time with Zoom; taking us a little over an hour and a half to get everything going. It was worth it, though! We got serious talking about Covid-19 and how it effected our lives, as well as the way we write, we got tipsy and laughed about making vampire teeth as kids, cellphones in horror movies, and we rocked with discussing horror music along with many other things. Oh! and we did some killer corpse make-up. I’m looking forward to sharing the final product in a couple of weeks.

You can catch episodes of my podcast, TITLES, TALK & TIPPLES, simply by clicking the tab up above that says it, which will take you to a link, which will take you directly to my Youtube channel.

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