Welcome to Mindful Shenanigans

This is Mindful Shenanigans, my blog.

Why Mindful? Because mindfulness is a very big, quite huge, in fact, practice in my life. I strive to be present, patient, to experience the moment. I feel that there is no better place to be than Now. I meditate most days, I do yoga, I believe in karma, and though I am not a religious person, I feel there is such a thing as reincarnation, and I really like the idea that there might be beings out there beyond what we can see or touch. I stand behind being calm and kind and feel that love is the answer to most problems.

Why the Shenanigans? Well, I am also a punk rocker. Secretly, maybe even a pirate. I don’t think we should ever be too serious. I say get in trouble if you can once in a great while. I drive 5-miles over the speed limit. I ride my bicycle on the sidewalk. I jaywalk. I walk on the grass. I dye my hair unnatural colors and I wear black. I like skulls and bones and creepy things. I like being silly and I laugh easily – sometimes inappropriately. I believe in being fierce and fragile and even a bit fragmented.

Mindful Shenanigans is my view of the world, two opposing perhaps even contradictory terms that shouldn’t go together but somehow they are perfect for each other. Well, for me, anyway. Thank you for joining me here. I will not post something every single day but when I do post, I will try to make it entertaining and I promise you it will always be from my heart. Be Well! ~Jude

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