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The Eversteam Chronicles by [Jude Matulich-Hall]

Eversteam is an old city full of culture and diversity; for hundreds of years its isolated shores have been a refuge for many.

Penelope O’Connell is a private detective whose agency is on its last leg. Damsels in distress want nothing to do with her, the police are not taking her seriously, and to top it off her clockwork canine won’t charge and the goggles that see lost things don’t work.

Demons pour into the world creating havoc and the weather changes drastically.Penelope teams up with Heathrow Jennings, a sergeant obsessed with a dead pyromaniac, to investigate. Along the way, they join forces with an odd duo: a monk and a reincarnated demon. Pursued by a mysterious man and his clockwork raven from unReality, a time-traveling bounty hunter from the old west, and the reluctant archangel Rufus, they will sail with interdimensional pirates, fight monsters and demons, and come face to face with Mister Smith, the dark master himself.

Will they find the spærk that puts everything right, or will Heaven and Hell switch places destroying all? In what sounds like the beginnings of a bad pub joke: a monk, a reincarnated demon, a sergeant who believes in everything, and a detective who believes in nothing must travel through Hell to save Earth!

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