Vaccination Superpowers

I have felt my powers grow since getting the vaccine.

What powers? asks you.

The energy in my heart shines out, growing every day. It cannot be retained any longer or it will explode causing a cataclysmic episode, so now I must hug those whom I hold dear, giving that energy away. I feel the same energy within their hearts and it encompasses us and balances us and shines out all around bathing others.

There is laser beams in my fingertips that want to caress the strings of my violin. Though I can do that alone, I now have the power to play music with my orchestra. Though we are but half our usual size, we create music together and it is glorious!

My voice is no longer a threat. I have the mighty vocal chords to chat in a car with a friend two feet away and we can go walking shoulder to shoulder.

My body has grown stronger, so strong in fact that I can now approach vulnerable people and know I will not put them at risk. I will not cause another to get infected. No one will lie on their death bed, separated from their loved ones because of me.

I have a superpower and its called responsibility.

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