Issues with Printed Book

I am hoping that for you folks, freaks, and fae that have bought my book that you aren’t horribly disappointed with the quality. I most definitely was astounded, discombobulated, beside myself, annoyed that there were over 40 mistakes in my book!

And not by my hand. (Welllllll, 2 of the mistakes were mine… a backward quotation mark in one place, a misspelled spærk in another. If you don’t know what a spærk is, don’t worry, read my book and you will.)

The Other 43 mistakes were formatting errors that took place in, well, the formatting process. Which I have nothing to do with! We are talking sentences with returns in

the middle of them for no reason


Yeah, lotsnlotsnlots of those kinds of issues.

And the illustrations! Those lovely, hand-drawn pictures by Bridgette Brenmark, that were lovingly and painstakingly worked diligently on, with quite the time crunch hovering over her head, threatening to come down, mind you, like a great big hammer of time-crunchiness coming down on the heads of time filled walnuts… (yeah, that’s not working!) Not to mention dealing with my picky, finickyfussy, perrrrrrsnickety self! She was a champ, a hero, and completely brilliant. Yes, those little beauties got shrunk, stretched, squished, and monumentally Distorted.

Andandand-d-d-d, SomeOne cut out my Table of Contents.

Now some would say, if I didn’t point these things out, a reader would never know there was anything wrong.

Well, I say that sentences cut

in the middle, timeaftertimeaftertime, can be a very big issue for some.

And as for the illustrations, I have heard people say, well no body pays attention to those.

I say, I do! I love reading a book and coming upon an illustration. It’s like finding a little treasure! I study those pictures, absorbing them; I revel in them. And when I’m finished with a book, I often go back to find those little gems again to take joy in.

I agree that people don’t buy books FOR the illustrations, (unless they are buying a children’s book, or a coloring book, or a coffee table book, or a book on photos…) they are there for the Story. But you tell me how sweet it is to come upon them when you weren’t expecting! That is their purpose and their purpose was lost, damaged, glanced over, unappreciated, Ruined.

Now for the Table of Contents, I could leave well enough alone. After all, a reader wouldn’t even notice there was anything amiss. All the chapters and titles are there, it looks like a completely normal T O C to me.

But it isn’t.

I KNOW it is Wrong!

I spent many an hour on that Contents upon a Table. There are hidden secrets, clues, easter eggs if you will. Just for fun. If a reader got them… great! If they didn’t… no harm done. But it was important to Me!

Whoever did not notice those issues in my book when doing whatever that they do to format them, Whoever chose to cut out the majority of a Table of Contents that wasn’t theirs: You didn’t save THAT much ink! (In fact, you wasted paper, which is inthistimeof Covid, has become a precious resource… there is a shortage of parchmentpapyrusstationaryonionskin Paper. The trees, man! The Trees!!)

One Word: QualityControl! (See what I did there.)

My point is:

Let us never, ever ignore the importance of maintaining integrity in our work.

Let us never get so lazy in our creations that they become, dreadtheword, Mediocre!

P.S. If you have ordered a paperback copy of my book and received this dreadfully inferior product and you wish to have a better copy, the proper book will be released in December. You should be able to exchange it through Amazon at that time.

If you contact me with a picture of you holding my book and a copy of your receipt, I will send you a little gift as a thank you for putting

up with so many broken sentences, along with properly printed illustrations and Table of Contents.

For those of you who have an eBook version, a new edition will also be released soon and should automatically replace the old mucked up version.

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