Taking Care of Yourself

🙃Surprise, surprise, I’m behind schedule again. This seems to be becoming a habit. I hope I can break it soon! Well, orchestra season is finished and ComiCon is just around the corner. I feel that after the first weekend in December I should be back on track… until the next thing comes up!😂

But, this is what I have accomplished… I have kept up on my physical health which is usually something that goes by the wayside when I get busy. Not this time! Strength-training 3 times a week, Yoga 3 times a week, sometimes a 4th super yummy lazy Yinyoga!

Not the best diet, perhaps, it IS the season of indulgence, which I am not ashamed of (shame around food is overrated and hurtful to our souls, is my belief. We need food.) But I am getting plenty of water, sleep, eating salads regularly, keeping my alcohol, caffeine, and sugar intake, not necessarily low, but moderate… not overdoing it.

Things I would like to get better about: regular meditation, that has definitely slipped away. Meditation helps me with absolutely everything! And obviously, as already stated above, sticking to a better schedule.

So this is just a little reminder, in a way. Are you taking care of yourself? Is your art consuming you? Just some gentle advice: taking care of yourself may take a little bit of time away from your creative process BUT you will be able to perform within your process that much better if you are taken care of! And no one else can truly take care of you but YOU.

Drink water.

Eat greens.

Get some exercise.

Get some sleep.

Take some deep breaths.

And, when you have bitten off more than you can chew, adjust carefully, kindly, and don’t be too hard on yourself. My adjustment to all this madness? I am just watching less TV.

And what is all my madness? I can’t reveal much at this time but cool things are happening that I will reveal soon!

🙏Namaste’ ~Jude

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