Once upon a time, there was a young man who wandered aimlessly,

shamelessly, through what he considered a life.

Without care for his own well-being, he continued on.

Until one day, he met a girl, with flowers on her underwear

visible to the young man through the sheer fabric of a white linen t-shirt.

Words were exchanged, eyes fluttered, cheeks rosied,

then contact was exchanged.

A seed of future, of meaning,

of more to come was planted that evening.

Flung into the future like the crack from the tip of a leather whip,

the young man, now grown and gray, is humbled, thankful, and grateful

for the flowers the girl wore that day.

Jason Hall lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, author Jude Matulich-Hall and their child, Sidny. He is a chef on a dredge boat for the Army Corp of Engineers. In his free time, he likes to melt metal and make treasure; a pirate at heart. He is also a musician and when the mood strikes him, a creator of prose.

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