Follow My Dreams?

The question was posed to me: “Do you feel you’re on the right path towards your publishing dreams?

This was my reply…

“The leading cause of suffering is high expectations.” I dunno so much about “dreams” per se, but I wanted to get published and now I’m published. It was a long road and still continues to be. It’s a lot of work and there is always something more to attain, something bigger to strive for. It doesn’t stop at publishing, unless all you want is a book in your hands. So many of us have more expectations than that. Right? We want book deals, we want royalties, we want to quit our day jobs, we want someone big to notice us, we want a movie deal, etc. Or, perhaps, I’m just projecting what I want. I try not to get too caught up in my “dreams” because I think it’s more important to be present and experience the process. Am I living my life fully, connected, and aware, with kindness, compassion, mindfulness? Am I taking myself too seriously? Am I having fun? If I were to die now, would I be content with what I have accomplished? I think getting caught up in “following my dreams” can tend to become too self-centered. So, with that said, yes, I do feel I am on the right path, as long as I maintain a balanced perspective.

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